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What It Takes to Accurately Forecast Revenue... conDati Shows You How




Forecasting allows companies to see into the future and strategically plan. If a formalized process is not in place companies are left to base decisions on gut or experience rather than data – leaving them at the mercy of unpredictable outcomes.

There is a variety of ways to tackle forecasting, with machine learning and advanced statistical approaches being the most accurate. Those marketers making strategic and operational decisions based on accurately predicted performance are going to be set up for the best possible outcome.

Join conDati’s VP of Revenue Marketing, Kelly McKeown and VP of Data Science, Iris Lieuw as they showcase forecasting using machine learning and the benefits associated with it. This includes planning and scheduling against seasonality, quick reaction to shortfalls, and forecast accuracy. A live demo of the forecasting feature of conDati RevenueLift™ will be included as part of the webinar.

Iris Lieuw Kelly-McKeown

Iris Lieuw
Vice President, Data Science

Kelly McKeown
Vice President, Revenue Marketing





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