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The Science & Mathematics of RevenueLift™ Optimization




conDati RevenueLift™ Optimization makes getting up to 50% revenue lift from optimizing digital ad campaign bids look easy. But there is a sophisticated multi-step algorithm process that is quite complex that powers it.

Join conDati's Iris Lieuw, VP of Data Science & Engineering, and Phillip North, Director of Data Science, as they share the science and mathematics that makes RevenueLift Optimization a must have for all paid search and paid social marketers.

What will be covered:

  • The use of AI to unburden paid digital media professionals from manual optimization
  • A look under the hood of RevenueLift Optimization
  • Microsegments and the role they play in driving conversion and revenue lift
  • Leveraging a multi-step algorithm approach for optimal ad spend allocation
Iris Lieuw

Phillip North

Iris Lieuw
Vice President, Data Science

Philip North
Director, Data Science





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