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AI for the Data-Driven Marketer




Join conDati’s CEO Ken Gardner and CMO Linh Ho for a live discussion on the topic of AI, predictive models, and science-based recommendations to maximize marketing’s contribution to business success. conDati’s innovation in this area drew the attention of Gartner who recently named them a 2019 Cool Vendor in AI for Marketing.

With the access to more data than ever, marketing is primed to tackle highly complex digital marketing problems using AI. Application of sophisticated algorithms is the key to getting deep customer insights and true value out of data. Doing so provides intelligence beyond what is seen with standard BI reporting, making campaign and investment decisions more precise and easier for data-driven marketers.

What you will learn:

  • How marketing data and technology has evolved
  • AI’s role in transforming marketing intelligence
  • Use of AI-powered technology for campaign decisioning




Ken Gardner
Founder & CEO

Linh C. Ho
C0-Founder & CMO





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