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AI for Marketing: Paving the Way Through Chaos -
An Ecommerce Success Story




Marketers more than ever are being asked to do more with less, so are turning to data for guidance. With an overwhelming amount of data there are a large number of possible actions a marketer could take. There is little time to analyze it, and they are often left flying blind.

AI thankfully thrives in conditions such as these, and solutions such as conDati make it possible to put the power of data science directly into marketers’ hands.

Join conDati CMO Linh Ho for a Q&A session with James Dollinger-McElligott, VP Marketing and E-commerce at Shoes for Crews, to discuss how conDati RevenueLift™ gave him the ability and confidence to quickly make and action on decisions that helped Shoes for Crews rebound quickly over the past couple of months and set new records.

What you will learn:

  • There is more unrealized revenue in your digital ad campaigns than you think
  • The right analytics solution will greatly reduce decision cycles
  • Experimentation is much less risky with real-time data
  • Not to underestimate the confidence and agility AI can provide




Linh C. Ho
C0-Founder & CMO

James Dollinger-McElligott
Vice President, Marketing & Ecommerce
Shoes for Crews





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