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The 4 Elements of Data-Driven Marketing



It’s time to take a holistic approach to data-driven marketing by considering people, process and technology as well as data. Doing this right drives efficiencies, scale and innovation to help your business grow and stay competitive. But there are changes and challenges afoot that will impact your approach—tighter scrutiny of marketing spend against business goals, advancements in AI for marketing, new data privacy laws, and a growing demand for data scientists and data analysts, to name a few.

Join a panel of data-driven marketing leaders from Disney, Instagram, Gallo, The Connective Good and conDati for insights on the challenges and opportunities you’ll face on your data-driven journey in 2020. They’ll look at key data trends, including:

  • The importance of data governance
  • Ways to unlocking the power of your data with AI
  • The data talent gap and how to bridge it
IrfanRanmal ashley
Irfan Ranmal
VP, Marketing & Sales Technology and Analytics
The Walt Disney Co.
Ashley Milardo Christensen
Recent Global Marketing Lead


EricaSeidel LindaPalus
Erica Seidel
Executive Recruiter & Founder
The Connective Good
Linda Palus
Head of Digital Marketing
E&J Gallo Winery


Linh C. Ho
COO and Co-founder


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