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Data, Data Everywhere -- But Where are the Campaign Insights?




Marketers continue to be inundated from all sides about artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. But what good is it when your campaign data exists in silos and you can’t see the “big picture” to actually understand your customer engagement better and improve your marketing campaign results?

It’s now time to capitalize on the real gains AI and machine learning (ML) can provide to unify, anticipate and activate the cross-channel insights that are hidden within your customer journeys.

conDati Senior Director of Revenue Marketing, Kelly McKeown and Search Discovery’s Senior Director, John Lovett, discuss how to use AI and ML to drive pipeline and revenue growth.

  • Ways to blend data silos to create a unified measurement data set
  • How to define KPIs that matter to see what actions need to be taken
  • Techniques to course correct campaigns in real time
  • Tips for more accurate pipeline and revenue forecasting
Kelly-McKeown john-lovett
Kelly McKeown
Vice President, Revenue Marketing
John Lovett
Senior Director Marketing
Search Discovery


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