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Beyond Marketing BI:
How AI Is Transforming Business Growth




As marketing leaders build out their marketing stacks in the pursuit of better understanding and delighting their customers, the steady stream of disparate data from these platforms is constantly being accumulated. One critical component to achieving their goal, which ultimately will drive business growth, is unifying all of that data and applying data science. AI driven marketing intelligence is the new standard in marketing analytics. And it’s all within your reach today.

Join conDati’s Chief Strategy Officer Jonathan Joseph and Chief Data Scientist John Zicker to learn about the evolution of marketing intelligence, and best practices in applying AI/ML for higher pipeline and revenue conversions including these three use cases:

  • Campaign optimization using machine learning to scan for performance lift across 100s of variables to provide recommendations that can be activated quickly and easily
  • An algorithmic and non-heuristic approach to attribution modeling for a non-biased view across channels and touch points
  • Forecasting of marketing results and spend across the entire funnel to give you forward looking visibility and insights for strategy and budgetary decisions

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