Easily* improve holiday campaign revenue:

Your conDati dashboard shows you real-time, real-revenue recommendations for real growth:

  • Which of your ad platforms will perform best for you, on which days, at which hours of the day.
  • How you should allocate your budget among them for the highest ROAS.
  • Which ad groups will have the best conversion rates, when, and where.
  • How you should schedule your ad spending to get the highest conversions from the least budget.
  • Which types of holiday email campaigns you should launch, to which customer segments, on what day at what time.

And through December 31, 2018, it's free.*

*Free access to conDati Marketing Analytics through December 31, 2018 for your digital advertising on Facebook, Bing, and Google platforms.


A powerful, essential tool for our customers.

customer-discount_dance_supply-1"conDati has changed our business."

John Miller, Chief Technology Officer, Discount Dance Supply


What? Yep. Usually, martech products are either easy or powerful — not both. But when you use conDati, you get powerful recommendations for your holiday campaigns that are so easy to use, you’ll consider our system essential to your marketing stack. Contact us today to learn more.