Gartner Marketing Data and Analytics Survey 2020


According to Gartner, “Only 54% of marketing decisions are being influenced by marketing analytics. Respondents cite poor data quality, inactionable results and nebulous recommendations as top reasons for why they don’t rely on analytics to make decisions.”

While shocking, it is not surprising. With data pouring out of ad platforms, websites, ecommerce platforms and CRM applications, wrangling and making sense of it is tricky, complex and gets really hard as the amount of data and the number of data sources increase.

conDati was founded to solve this exact conundrum for marketing and ecommerce professionals. This is accomplished through analytics-as-a-service solutions that bring together disparate data and displays it in best practice dashboards that are powered by AI—AI being the most effective solution for getting to the bottom of difficult questions like "Which marketing efforts contribute to the bottom line?”, "How should I allocate ad spend for optimal ROAS?” and "When will I sell out of my top sellers?".

“The knowledge and experience to transform this complexity into actionable information is hard to find. Most companies simply do not have the experience and expertise in-house to tackle these types of analytics. Building your own analytics in-house is time consuming and costly. This is where conDati shines, we automate the whole analytics process from data wrangling to campaign decisioning and inventory forecasting quickly and inexpensively without the need for customers to have data engineers or data scientists on staff,” said Ken Gardner, CEO and Founder of conDati.

Gartner is already seeing the shift to automation and predicts “By 2025, 50% of data scientist activities will be automated by AI, easing the acute talent shortage.”

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