Facebook UTM Tag Scan

Easily check your Facebook ad URL tags are set up correctly for Google Analytics.


Facebook Tag Scan

UTM codes are incredibly useful and important for marketers. They are used to connect campaign platforms (ads, emails, social, offline QR codes) with Google Analytics metrics (sessions, pages, goals, conversions, revenue). If you don't get this right, you lose the link between an ad event and conversions in Google Analytics. Visits and conversions end up getting attributed to "direct" or "other" sources and precious insights are lost.

This is a huge problem for digital marketing analytics. Unfortunately, it is common to see mismatches between ad platforms and Google Analytics and fixing issues manually is a nightmare. conDati wants to help.

How the Facebook UTM Scan Tool Works 

  1. Sign-up using your name and email.
  2. Follow simple instructions emailed to you to:
    • Give conDati partner access to your Facebook Business account
    • Add conDati as a user to your Google Analytics account with Read/Analyze permissions
  3. We’ll confirm access within 24 hours and start the analysis.
  4. Within 7 days you will receive a PDF report via email.

What You'll Get

A free report, including a summary of all Facebook UTM tagging issues (missing and mismatched tags) with details on your top 5 issues.


  • Identification of your top 5 Facebook campaigns with the most potential to drive additional conversions
  • Facebook First/Last Touch vs. algorithmic attribution comparison

Buy nowNeed Help to Quickly and Easily Fix Issues?

conDati can do that for you! Purchase our Facebook TagFix subscription for only $50/month and we will scan and fix your Facebook UTM tags once a month.


4 Reasons to Regularly Scan and Fix Facebook Tracking Links

Avoid dirty data impacting your campaign analysis by regularly scanning your Facebook tracking links. With correctly set up UTM parameters you can:

  • Accurately track contribution of traffic volume by Facebook campaigns
  • Accurately track contribution to goals such as revenue by Facebook campaigns
  • Determine which Facebook campaigns and ads to optimize
  • Determine Facebook engagement and revenue attribution against other channels

Safe and Secure
conDati will only use your Facebook and Google Analytics credentials to analyze your account and will not share your data for any reason (see our Privacy Policy).

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