The time is now to start leveraging AI in marketing analytics as a source of growth, competitive advantage and digital transformation. Start by signing up for our free 7-day assessment.

With access to more data than ever, marketing is primed to tackle highly complex digital marketing problems using AI. Application of sophisticated algorithms is the key to getting deep customer insights and true value out of data and makes campaign and investment decisions more precise and easier.

conDati RevenueLift™ makes this happen by transforming all of your audience, campaign and content data into intelligence that can be actioned and activated easily (and often). Providing comprehensive and real-time reporting, predictive models, and science-based recommendations you can have confidence in – with full transparency!

conDati RevenueLift is an AI-powered single platform* for:

  • Unified data and reporting
  • Forecasting
  • Revenue optimization
  • Journey attribution
  • Segmentation
  • Propensity scoring
*Annual platform cost includes access to conDati data scientists to ensure models and reporting are customized to your specific business.

Assessment Overview

In this quick and easy assessment of your campaign performance, our goal is to give you a peek into the capabilities of conDati RevenueLift by providing you with campaign results and recommendations you can immediately action to improve your digital campaign conversions. Our platform activates within minutes and delivers meaningful information in days!

We will bring together Google Analytics, Facebook, and Google Ads to give you:

  1. AI-driven recommendations that you can action to optimize your ad campaigns.
  2. Cross-channel level attribution.
  3. ML-driven forecasting of your conversions, pipeline and/or sales revenue vs actuals.
  4. A unified report in PDF and live dashboard of your historical campaign data summary.

Key Milestones

  • Day 1  Data ingestion begins once data access is complete
  • Day 3-5  conDati performs data science
  • Day 7  Present assessment results to you and your team (60 min)

How to Get Started

  • Complete the form on this page and a marketing strategist will contact you shortly after receiving the request to schedule a call.

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“conDati’s prediction capability will let us track and review revenue performance every day – or every hour or minute, if we want to. We can quantify the revenue and profit trade-offs of discounts and promotions — and for the first time ever, we’ll be able to see the impact on our revenue of events in the supply chain, and even of actions by competitors.”

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