Free Digital Ad Campaign Analysis

Compare ad platform performance &
easily identify campaigns to focus on.
All in 7 days at no charge.

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In this quick and easy analysis of your digital advertising performance, our goal is to give you a peek into the capabilities of conDati and the speed that we can provide you with campaign results and recommendations that you can immediately action to improve your digital ad conversions. Our platform activates within minutes and delivers meaningful information in days!

We will bring together your Google Analytics + Facebook + Google Ads and:

  • Identify data quality issues including campaign hierarchy and UTM issues 
  • Provide a comparison of your digital ad campaigns to identify worst, best, most costly and those with the most potential to produce higher return 
  • Share a digital ad campaign funnel summary for an aggregate view of performance
  • Have one of our data scientists walk through results with you!

From ingestion of data to results and insights in just 1 week!

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